Please donate to: Ma’ana Company


MA’ANA stands for Maoli Aquaculture and Agriculture Native Assistance.  All donations will be used to purchase a  Amphibious Excavator: GTREX TX 140-2,  the excavator shown on the youtube video.

Mangroves and other invasive species of plants, are causing great devastation to the unique landscape on the  island of Molokai.   We are looking to utilize the funding to purchase a  GTREX TX 140-2 excavator, to remove all of the mangroves that took over the walls of the Hawaiian fishponds and wetlands, in areas where kalo (taro) once grew.  Mangroves have over taken the rock walls along our coastal loko’ia (fishponds), blocking access to the ocean.


Based on research, the mangroves are the biggest problem on the Hawaiian Islands.   MA’ANA is looking forward working with other organizations and building partnerships that will help our organization accomplish our goal of removing all Mangroves on the island of Molokai.  We ask for your support, in assisting MA’ANA with this removal of the massive growth of mangroves, thereby working collectively, we can eliminate future problems as we resolve and execute the solutions.  Join us while we work diligently, creating a better tomorrow, keeping our children and their children a sustainable lifestyle of caring for our natural resources.

MA’ANA cannot do this alone and knows, when full participation from both partnerships with other organization’s and the public, we can be very successful in obtaining the goals to be sustainable in both traditionally and culturally, caring for our loko i’a (fishponds) and lo’i (taro patches).

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