MA’ANA is working diligently on finding new ways that’s cost efficient then the methods that’s being used today, on removing most of the mangroves on Molokai.  Removing it will be a task, not by it’s labor but, in complying to the rules and regulation, making it difficult by using equipment like an amphibious excavator (https://youtu.be/bpEbv9kxAmY) GTREX TX 140-2, amphibious to both land and water (fresh and salt).  The amphibious excavator was built to remove settlements or silt and mangroves from within the fishponds.  Walls of the fishpond will not be effected by the use of the excavator, excavator will be a good distance, being away from the walls when working within the fishpond.

Since dealing with DLNR, Cores of Engineers, NOAA, land owners and departments that is not mentioned, MA’ANA is asking to do a presentation to all govt. departments, for approval on research with a new method that’s being done in the united states and other parts of the world.  It’s cost efficient by using less man power, we’re asking all of you to join us, while we pioneer a way on making our ocean free from an invasive species, that was introduced to the Hawaiian islands in the 1900’s.

Your contributions and labor is much appreciated, to get rid of this non native species of tree called red mangrove – “Rhizophoraceae”.  Since it’s introduction to the islands, it had destroyed 95% of our fishponds, covering most of our coastal fronts and ask for your help to donate your tine to remove them all from our islands of Hawaii.  Mahalo and Aloha