maanaMission:  To facilitate the restoration of the aina and the health of the people of ko pae aina by proactively providing sustainable measures, education and vital resources in the perpetuation of ancestral ingenuity and traditions in connection to the present day.

You can join us in building the wa’a of kanaka maoli, an ancestral value-based organization that preserves, protects, and educates the people of Hawaii.

  • Maoli Aquaculture and Agriculture Native Assistance or “MA’ANA,” is a non-profit organization that was founded to help the indigenous peoples of Hawai’i continue the aquaculture and agricultural traditions of their ancestors. This blog has been created in order to educate and to inform about the importance of resurrecting the fish ponds (loko i’a) and taro patches (lo’i) that our ancestors built by hand, to feed their communities for over 2000 years.  The Hawaiian people lived in unity and cared for one another under the principle of Ohana (family), Under Ohana, family was comprised of community members, not just blood relatives, and whole communities worked together to accomplish mutual goals.  There was emphasis placed on managing resources, so that future generations would not face scarcity. The Hawaiian society thrived until Western contact destroyed what was then a harmonious balance of resources, land, and culture.
  • The Westerners brought cattle and other invasive species to the islands. These plants and animals, along with Western unsustainable farming practices, were responsible for devastating our fragile ecosystem.  Native forests were destroyed and taro patches became unworkable. Because Molokai has a problem with water, MA’ANA is looking to do a massive restoration based on the Hawaiian method of the aboriginal’s land tenure system, basically the Hawaiian way of permaculture.  MA’ANA is looking for partnership or support from other nonprofit organizations with the objective of doing land and sea restoration.  On land, this will be accomplished by clearing invasive species and replanting with native plants and trees.  In the ocean, MA’ANA seeks to rebuild the fishponds and repopulate the waters with native seaweeds and corals.  MA’ANA will always be looking for better ways to help and to support our local communities.  We’re working to make 2017 a better year for our Hawaiian communities by providing assistance in facilitating the needs of the local farmers of both land and sea.

Mangroves and other non-native species of plants are causing great devastation to the aina (land) of Hawaii.   We are looking to begin the program with federal funding, the monies from which will initially be spent on targeting the removal of the mangroves that have overtaken fishpond walls and filled in wetlands areas where taro once grew.  Mangroves have been proven to be the worst invasive species (other than malahini’s) on the Hawaiian Islands.   MA’ANA is looking to build partnerships with other organizations, with the hopes of removing ALL mangroves from the island of Molokai. We ask for your support, in helping us with this ambitious undertaking, so that we can work together to revitalize our island’s aina and its resources.  Join us while we work diligently and cooperatively in the hopes of creating a better environment and a better future for our keiki (children) and our keiki’s keiki.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” — Mattie Stepanak