To facilitate the restoration of the aina and the health of the people of ko pae aina by proactively providing sustainable measures, education and vital resources in the perpetuation of ancestral ingenuity and traditions in connection to the present day.


You can join us in building the wa’a of kanaka maoli, an ancestral value-based organization that preserves, protects, and educates the people of Hawaii.


MA’ANA stands for Maoli Aquaculture and Agriculture Native Assistance. We started this blog to educate people about the importance of saving the fish ponds (loko i’a) and taro patches (lo’i). For over 2000 years, our ancestors built them with their hands to feed their communities.  They built a system that was flawless until it was disrupted by the first western contact.  The Hawaiian people lived in harmony and cared for one another, making everyone around them family (ohana).  They knew the importance of managing their resources to ensure there would be plenty for the generations to come.


The foreigners that came with western contact brought new species of plants and animals to our fragile ecosystem. Many of those plants became invasive and overran our lo’I and loko i’a, while also wreaking havoc on our native rainforests.


MA’ANA is looking to do a massive restoration based on the Hawaiian method of the ancestral land tenure system, which was a version of permaculture.  MA’ANA is looking for partnership and/or support from other nonprofit organizations in order to accomplish land and sea restoration projects.  These projects will focus on removing invasive species from both the lo’I and the loko i’a and then replacing them with native plants, trees, seaweeds, and corals.  MA’ANA is always looking for better ways to help and to support our local communities.   We’re looking to make 2017 a better year for Hawaiian communities by providing assistance in facilitating the needs of our local farmers of both the land and the sea.


Mangroves and other invasive species of plants are causing great devastation to the unique landscape on the island of Molokai. Based on research, the mangroves are the biggest problem on the Hawaiian Islands.  To begin with, MA’ANA is looking to utilize federal funding to initiate the process of removing mangroves from the existing loko i’a and wetlands where taro was once farmed.  MA’ANA is looking to work with other organizations and to build partnerships that will help our organization accomplish our goal of removing the majority of mangroves from the island of Molokai.  We ask for your support in assisting MA’ANA with this large scale and visionary project.  Working collectively, we can eliminate future problems by finding better solutions. Join us while we work diligently in creating a better tomorrow so that our children and our children’s children will have the opportunity to carry on our ancient traditions of permaculture and sustainability.


MA’ANA cannot do this alone and is asking for your participation in the form of partnerships and sponsorships.  United, we can become effective stewards of our lands and return it to a balanced ecosystem where we live productively and in harmony with the aina.